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P!NTO Standard(pinto)

7 colors

Japanese ergonomic cushion

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Just sitting on Pinto allows the body to find its natural axis.
Pinto supports the pelvis, which tends to lean backwards and the easily deformed chest, relieves tension in the muscles of the back and shoulders, and removes all fatigue.
Pinto offers good postural habits, as well as natural and balanced comfort. It can be used on a chair with a backrest. At work, in the dining room, on the couch, and even on the train.


Technical features

Cushion material : high resilience (HR) polyurethane foam
Cover : 100% polyester (washable with the washing machine)
Color : Mesh (Red, Black, Gray, Navy), AW (Beige, Gray, Dark gray) Size : width 43cm x height 38cm x depth 43cm
Weight : 900g
Production : Italy

European Patent : EP 2881011 B1

Resistance: tested according to the JIS standard (Japanese Industrial Standard), thickness loss of only 4% after 80000 compressions
Maintenance: Cover can be removed and machine washed inside a protection net. The inner cushion does not require special maintenance.
Use: thanks to the anti slip finish of the bottom side the cushion stays firm even when you move.
It can be used on a chair with backrest. It is not suitable for chairs with a very curved backrest or with a seat surface smaller than the cushion.

Pinto is a Japanese brand, developed by Occupational Therapist Mrs.HISAKO NOMURA, who discovered that the benefits of sitting in a neutral posture are superior to those of rehabilitation exercises. It is the first brand in the world specialized in ergonomic seats made with ETHREEM® three-dimensional spatial structure technique that supports the body with 4 support points. The pressure on the thighs and buttocks is distributed and balances, stress and muscle tension are eliminated. Even with the movement, Pinto helps you get back into alignment. Having the right posture gives you energy for an active life.

Established in 2013, 400.000 sales in Japan