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P!NTO Driver

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Japanese ergonomic cushion for driver

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  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver noir pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto
  • p!nto driver pinto

A way to drive comfortably and stressless
Pinto Driver facilitates functional movements while driving, supporting shoulder blades, ribs, back, pelvis and thighs. Helps maintaining good posture despite car vibrations.

Pinto is not a postural recovery device but it can help finding a posture that allows you to move easily and resume correct alignment. The secret is to relax the whole body, not just the back. Its tridimensional surface stems from the analysis of body movements during drive. You can be more active and less stressed even after long time driving.


Technical features

Cushion material : high resilience (HR) polyurethane foam
Cover : 100% polyester (washable with the washing machine)
Color : Mesh (Black)
Size : width 43cm x height 62cm x depth 46cm
Weight : 1250g
Production : Italy

European Patent : EP 2881011 B1

Resistance : tested according to the JIS standard (Japanese Industrial Standard), thickness loss of only 4% after 80000 compressions
Maintenance : Cover can be removed and machine washed inside a protection net. The inner cushion does not require special maintenance.
Application : the seat is specifically designed for drivers. It is not compatible with special car seats like the ones of sport cars.
Use : the cushion is equipped with a belt to tight it to the car seat and has anti-slip finish on the bottom to keep it firm even when you move

Winner of the 2015 award in the car accessories category granted by the newspaper “Japan Automotive Daily” in Japan

Shoulder blades support: Relieves shoulders and elbows tension and facilitates the arm movements required during drive. The bottom part of the support helps maintaining the symmetry of the body axis.

Ribs support : By firmly supporting the back it helps maintaining the head up and weightless, granting a feeling of nimbleness to the lumbar area.

Buttocks support: keeps the pelvis in upright and balanced position, allowing the correct alignment of the vertebral column. Prevents the pelvis from getting unbalanced as a result of the operation of the pedals or collapsing or bending as a result of gravity acceleration.

Tights support: the positioning of legs was conceived so that the hip joint stays mobile. This way the body is facilitated in moving forward to perform all the security checks. The thighbone is placed as to respect the alignment of the hip, knee and ankle joints, allowing an effortless use of the pedals and preventing tension and twisting of knees and ankles.